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Enable component level polling frequencies.

Enable component level polling frequencies.

Sometimes it's desirable to have different polling frequencies for an individual component within an Application Template. Today the only option available is to break component monitors up into multiple applications templates, as the polling frequency is set at the application template level. SAM should allow users the flexibility to set different polling frequencies per component. This way we can set an SSL Certificate Date check frequency for every 24 hours, and service monitor frequency at every 5 minutes in the same application template.


Level 12

alexslv​, byrona

I thought you all would be interested in this.

To be honest, I would not want to go that far, simply because it then becomes difficult to control and audit such setup. I treat apps same as I would GPO - best recommendations for such is that you would only have one policy per GPO object. Similar with my apps - most of them have only one component. So, that's pretty much granular enough for me. Sometime I would have multiple components, but those will be closely related and I would treat different polling requirements as unrelated components, even though they might be monitoring same thing, availability and SLA requirements are different.

.... just my personal thoughts, no offence

What I would really want though is custom properties on the component level - this is what I am really missing on component level... but, this is subject for another thread

With Gratitude,

Alex Soul

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if that works for you, ok!  thanks