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Display "poll now" button without administrator rights

Display "poll now" button without administrator rights

Actually the "poll now" button appears :

- for node view when you have "Allow Node Management Rights" checked.

- for application monitor  when you have "SAM User Role" = Admin.

The idea is to have the possibility to enable the option for accounts without giving administrator rights.

For example we have an team dedicated to alerts treatment. I don't want them to be administrator.

When an alert is triggered, they have to apply a procedure. And they need to wait for the next poll to close the ticket/to be sure that the procedure works.

With the "poll now" (without being admin), they can force the next app monitor check and close the ticket.

Node :

2018-01-22 14_55_18-Node Details - Summary.png

Application :

2018-01-22 14_54_14-Application Details.png

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Community Manager
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