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Custom Properties for Components

Custom Properties for Components

I'm loving the new Custom Properties for Applications introduced in SAM 5.5, but sometimes I have a need to be even more granular. For example, we use an Exchange SAM monitor containing about 15 different Components. 14 of those, we only use for historical data, but the one for Mailbox Queue Length is critical. We could really do with being able to tag it with a Custom Property and write an alert for it, like:

Node Status is not equal to Down

Component Status is equal to Down

ComponentImportance is equal to High

We could then have a single alert for all components we care about. It's also crucial to be able to set different property value for the same component on different nodes.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This feature request has been logged internally under FB241460

I like you thinking about "ComponentImportance is equal to High". Up for it!

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Would be nice for this feature to be included - We've got a number of requests for this in the past couple of months

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Bump, we really need that, if you have a template with 15 components and you have to manage : 

- On duty component or not

- Criticality

- Team which will receive the alert


etc, so you have to create a template for each case, duplicating stuff, deleting a component to create it on another template, etc...

Real pain

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Hello @mesverrum @tony.johnson , I can found a lot of requests like this one (components level custom properties)

Do you know if someone is working on this ? 


Moving here from Centreon to Solarwinds, hard to loss functionality like granular tagging

- I want this component on-call but not these one

- I want this component give just warning/critical status but without alert, but i want alerts for the others

- I want this component give me an alert but i don't want a ticket in ITSM ! But I want tickets for others

- I want this component alert X team, this component alert Y team, this component alert Z team   


How guy do you manage this kind of requests ? Do you use another way to tag like user notes/description fields ? 

Do you split 1 template to 10/20/30 templates to be able to manage these requests ? 


We are close to stop the project because of this

Product Manager
Product Manager

@Vinx when a feature request like this is being actively worked on, the product manager will change the state from open to voting to "what we're working on" 

Currently that's not the case for this particular feature request. 


There are custom properties available at the application template level. Customers who are looking for deeper granularity for component level custom properties have the ability to separate their components out across templates to achieve that effect. 

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So you split 1 template to 10/20/30 templates, unbelievable

In a template containing multiple components, changing one component from <on duty> 'No' to 'Yes' means copying it from one template to another, removing it from first template, loosing all history... 

Custom Properties on application template is a very static model and does not provide enough flexibility

You REALLY should work on this case


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1) I never noticed that we cannot have custom properties on components.  It's odd and yes that should be a feature.

2) I've always alerted on the application monitor, never really noticed the problem.  Generally if I have a monitor, the same group will get the alerts for all of the components, it just seems odd for it to be any other way, but to each his own. When I want to monitor but not alert then I just delete the components warning/critical thresholds and bam, you have monitoring without alerting.

Product Manager
Product Manager

@Vinx have you seen @brscott 's comment? his solution mentioned in line #2, is one that is commonly utilized by long time SAM customers. Also, when customers are getting into scale, they generally tend to start automating these processes via our SDK Is that something you've taken a look at? We are certainly aware that we can provide more flexibility in our workflows, which is why when you look at how we've structured the API poller in the SAM 2019.4 and 2020.2 release, there is better flexibility for a delightful user experience. 

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@serena Yes I saw the comment, but I think you don't get it ; this is not relevant for this missing feature