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Container Monitoring for Openshift

Container Monitoring for Openshift

I would like to see Openshift included in the supported solutions besides Docker, Docker Swarm, K8 and Apache Mesos for container monitoring in future SAM releases.

A case has been opened with Solarwinds (Case # 00258877).

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We're just getting started with Solarwinds, and are very excited! But at the same time, we are moving our integrations engine from JBoss Fuse ESB to OpenShift. Currently, our integrations folks have set up some Prometheus/Grafana monitoring, which is okay... but we'd like to have full visibility into the integrations through their whole lifecycle.

Hey guys. 

I have a question as to whether OpenShift is supported on 2019.2? While it uses the Kubernetes core, one of my clients has seen issues when trying to run the onboarding scripts as per the Kubernetes section on containers in the admin guide. Rather than burn through vendor support time, if would be great to know definitively if OpenShift is supported. 

@aLTeReGo Is this something you could help clarify please?

Product Manager
Product Manager

OpenShift is not supported at the moment @silverbacksays  but it's certainly a feature request I've been hearing more about. 

Cheers @serena! I shall refrain from my futile efforts of assimilating OpenShift into that platform 🤖

I'll hunt down that FR and another vote on it!