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Application Component Gauge Range Scale Based on Thresholds

Application Component Gauge Range Scale Based on Thresholds

I would like to see the applicaiton component guages automatically scale based on the thresholds configured for those applicaiton components.  In addition having the guages put a yellow and red coloring for the warning and critical ranges automatically based on those configured thresholds would be a welcome improvement.

Level 10

Agreed!  While Universal Device Poller has that option to manually set those levels, the component level doesn't at a gauge level. 

We have environmental monitors for our server rooms and it would be great to show a graphical with a graphical threshold on radial or linear gauge.

Level 12

I'm a bit surprised that that you can't have a custom "Application Component Details" view, especially with the Multiple Component Statistics widget that requires a static upper limit value for the gauge. 

Having the Application Component Gauge scale based on the Thresholds would be very helpful!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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