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Allow grouping of Custom Properties in Node

Allow grouping of Custom Properties in Node

Custom Properties are ordered by alphabetical name in the Edit Node page.  We have lots and lots of Custom Properties.  We have tried to group them by putting a common terms in from of them, i.e. anything relating to Service Now has SN_ in front of it.  This isn't easy, we have lots of tags we can't change the name of easily.   Also, we want to group them together, so everything relating to Environment (Prod/NonProd, server function/service, location) are grouped together.

In the Custom Property page in All Settings can we have a grouping feature which allows us to define a group name, i.e. Conso Environment Details, then assign specific Custom Properties to that.   When the Edit Note page is displayed the Custom Properties will be in groups, i.e. Conso Environment Details tags are all groups together, we have one for Azure Migrations, so we'd want to group those together.

#MakeItEasy, please.

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Yes! - Please make it easier to sort and list specific ones on the pop up tool tips too. When you have lots of properties (we do) and lots of different uses (ditto) - having an easier way to sort them would be ideal. Ya know, this is one function that could use some love. I don't think the administration of them have changed much over the years. But they add WAY TOO MUCH flexibility to not use them.