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Level 8

redirect of http to https


I have 2 Serv-U Gateways that are load balanced and I have 2 Serv-U MFT's that are load balanced.

I have my HTTP and HTTPS listener setup.  HTTPS traffic works with no issue.  If I do not "require secure connections before login", HTTP traffic works with no issue.

Once I enable "require secure connections before login" HTTP will not work (i.e. redirect to HTTPS)

In sniffing the packets, they are showing the servu gateway sending an http 302 redirect and sending the port to the web browser to use tcp port 10443 vs 443

Any advice on what to check for in order to get the http to automatically redirect to https?

Is this even supported?

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Level 12

Check the dev console in your web browser.  I bet you are getting 302'ed to a non-routable DMZ address.

You may have to put the redirect on the balancer.

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