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Level 7

checking checksum of files of remote

Does serv-u record the checksum when files are uploaded? I am looking for a way to compare the checksum of the file on the local machine to that of the ftp server to be sure they match.

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Level 9

Probably a late response - for sake of other users who might be on this post with similar question.

SAM has a built in Template called "File Change monitor" which can monitor the file change events including checksum.

See for more details.

However, first we need to monitor the existing of such files using

Here is a short howto Monitoring Files: Is it there? And has it changed?

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Level 10

Serv-U does not have this functionality, however you could potentially create an Event for when a file is uploaded - fire a batch file that creates a .md5 hashed version of your file and then you could download and compare it in your application.

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