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Windows\LDAP group creation - Bulk method

Hi All,

Does anyone have a way to bulk created Serv MFT Windows\LDAP Groups other than the Serv-u GUI?

I have some 280 groups that I need to create and would like to have a method to create these rather than the one by one via the GUI.

Interested in ideas.

Powershell to the rescue?


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Level 10

Looks like this is not currently supported

Logged a support call to Solarwinds - Suggested to make a request feature, which I have done

Will see progress

Update: I managed to create my Groups manualy in 1 MFT domain and backup\export to another server Backing Up or Moving Serv-U Settings

that services the same domain, this saved me from having to create the groups a second time.

Although now that I think about it, it would be much nicer if the product could be AD integrated, such as citrix, thus removing the need to duplicate AD structure and groups.