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Virus Scanning of all incoming Files

Serv-U MFT Server running on Red Hat Linux 6.8

How do I config Serv-U to scan each in coming file for Virus  ?

Is anyone doing this ?   

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Ok I will watch for large files. Trend Micro allowed me to config for in and out going files and running process to be scanned.

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I've done this two ways (not necessarily on RHEL). 

1) If you're dealing mostly with smallish (<50MB) files, get a real-time anti-virus scanner.  That will hold the files in a quarantine until they are scanned and released to the OS (including Serv-U). 

2) If you want to scan the files yourself, you will need a bit more of a workflow.  First, you'll need a landing zone for your files (the incoming folder), a file upload event to launch a script, and a script to scan the files (usually using a command-line AV API) and then move the ones that pass into a clean folder (where your internal processes can get them) or delete them (if a virus was found). 

"Are you a Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) yet?"

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Good Morning Jonathan, Thank you for responding to my cry for help.

Is there any instructions for option 1, I am going to install Micro Trends Virus on my Linux server. Does the Virus s/w grab all incoming file upload first before letting

Serv-U deposit it into the users Home Directory ?

No I am not a CFTP, I am a Contractor , The Hospital I work for spends no $$$ on us.


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Yes, any modern "real time" virus scanner will stand in front of applications trying to access local files under after it scans them.  That applies to Serv-U too. 

The one place you need to watch carefully might be enormous files (e.g., >1GB).  Different virus scanners behave differently once you start working with files that large, and you may encounter fatal-to-session timeouts within the application waiting for scans to complete. 

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