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Level 7

Upgrading ServU FTP (v14.0) to ServU MFT (v15.1)

Anyone tried this yet?  I understand you should be able to install over the top, but is there any issue going from FTP to MFT?

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Level 10

I havent heard of any issues but make sure you go to 15.2.1 not 15.2.0 as you will need to change all user passwords if you use 15.2.0.

I would still raise a ticket with support before you upgrade from 14, just to check there is no specific upgrade path. You could also try it on a test server with a trial before you do it on your production server.

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Level 12

I don't think there should be any issues.  There can be issues upgrading from a VERY old version (like version 1).  14 should be fine.

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Any chance you have a copy of version 14 File Server only?

We're running an older version (12) and are licensed for 14.

I raised a support case late last year as part of a migration process and was told they didnt have a copy of ver 14 for me?


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Version 14.0.2 and 14.0.1 are available in the Solarwinds Customer Portal under Downloads > Download a Product

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