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Troubleshooting Steps


I am new to the Serv-U product and I couldn't locate any troubleshooting resources.

Currently I have two REHL 6 servers running v15.3, one production on development. One of the users in development informed me that they could no longer transfer files via sFTP. After poking around I didn't see an active port listening for either sFTP or web traffic.  The Serv-U-Gateway service is active and I can't locate any system errors which would indicate a problem when starting the service.

From what I've seen from the OS Command line both servers are configured similarly, but the development server isn't Lessening for sFTP or web traffic.  I found the install and setup guide, but I haven't found any documentation on what to check when the service isn't working correctly.

Please let me know where to look next, ether troubleshooting or documentation.

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Has this worked before for the user?

Does the production server work?

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Production is currently working. Both dev and production were working up until recently.

I appears to be some level of port redirect as the URL used is associated with this server, but I'm not able to see those ports as being allowed specifically.

Unrelated, other then information not given to me at server hand-off, some users say their accounts should be limited by source IPs. I have not seen that setup in their user profiles, is there another location that can be setup. Still need to complete reading the admin manual, but it's on my list and so far it was less useful then I've expected.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean but it sounds like another service on your server such as Apache (httpd) or ngnix is grabbinjg port 80/443 before Serv-U can?

On the second point, you can restrict a particular user to a set of IPs by editing the 'IP Access' tab of the user under the 'Users' section in the Management Console.