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Trigger event in Serv-U? Able to make the user see the event?

Hi all,

I have a serv-u server and I wish to create an event. I need to be able to see the event running (as it needs input from the user). How do I do this in Serv-U?



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That's a tricky one, especially since Serv-U events aren't really built to have a lot of outstanding asynchronous calls. 

If I was designing this one, I'd probably set my events up to dump as much information about the trigger into a queue (e.g., a database ordered by submission time), and then let the event finish.  Then I'd have my user-facing application work off that database, executing commands as people show up and take action.  (You could also write a little timer to remind - e.g., email - people if events sat in the queue for too long.) 

Can you shed a little more light on the application?

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Hi Jonathon, thanks for replying!

The Serv-U file server is basically being used for a simple cloud backup for our customers. The application needs to run when the user is created because it needs to set relevant info in their home directory. Things such as quota information for the application (that I am writing on the client side) to limit the disk space used, data information, client side information etc. My application that I'm writing will need to recognize the information that is created after the user is created. These files will be different for each user.

I've managed to get the application to start using PSExec. However, it still shows the Interactive Services detection window when the program starts.

I'm going to try to get Serv-U to trigger a Scheduled event in Windows that I will pre-configure before hand.

Do you think that this will work?


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The "Interactive Services detection window" bit makes me think that what you called has actually popped a prompt. 

For example: What is Interactive Services Detection and Why is it Blinking at Me?

If you're just trying to trigger an existing scheduled task, have you tried the "schtasks" command? 

e.g., How to run existing windows 7 task using command prompt - Stack Overflow

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Thanks for your help, Jonathon.

I've managed to crack it now, I've created a scheduled task in Windows and triggered it using the command that you have listed.


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