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Level 8

Single Sign-on with Serv-U

Is it possible to configure Serv-U MFT to be a single sign-on client? Our Serv-U configuration supports users from our internal network and from external partners/teammates. We're in the process of configuring our Serv-U for LDAP and Windows Authentication and would like our internal users' windows to be able to open and use Serv-U without them having to logon again.


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Level 9

This is not yet supported by Serv-U which means subject for Feature enhancement. I would suggest you to raise this as a feature request and hope that it will be supported in future releases of Serv-U.

Level 11

Unfortunately, Serv-U doesn't support single sign-on as described here.  It can reuse credentials from an external system like LDAP or AD, but users must still provide those credentials for Serv-U to log them in.

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When you say "reuse credentials", you mean the user must enter their LDAP/AD credentials into the Serv-U logon panel. Serv-U then queries LADP/AD to validate the provided credentials. Correct?

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That is correct.

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