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Servu Email TLS support

Servu Email TLS support


With the proliferation of O365 in the enterprise and the correct deployment of secure email systems, it is necessary to provide support for SMTP TLS communication.

Currently it is necessary to deploy an SMTP relay, which is a dirty and messing method of getting emails from key Servu features such as File share notifications, as these need to be sent as the person generating the upload share.


Mark Roberts

Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

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Level 8

I was thinking about this one. Thank you for raising this as a feature request.

Voted for it.

Level 7

Why is this not a higher priority? We are planning on purchasing ServU for "SECURE" file transfers, but the lack of TLS support for SMTP has me very concerned.  SMTPS has been deprecated a long time ago. The standards for encrypted SMTP are: STARTTLS over port 25 for transfer/relay and STARTTLS over port 587 for submission. I really think this needs to be a higher concern especially with a product that claims to be "Fast and secure".

Level 7

Thank you for raising this issue. it is very urgent requirement from clients.

SolarWinds should enable this feature in next release.

Voted for it.