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Level 8

Server administrative users (not domain users)


I may have missed this, but new to Serv-U. Is there a way to create more admin users please forthe main management portal? Obviously we can create per domain users, but only having one admin account is proving limiting as this cant be used simoultaneously by the looks of it.


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Level 10

Yes, I believe you need to create a System Administrator user within a domain for this.

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Level 12

I believe you can create Server Admin type of users.  What kind of License do you have?  MFT or FTP?  Because if it is FTP, you can only access it on the server itself and you cannot do remote admin with FTP.

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We have an MFT Server license. I just can't see where to create these, but it's getting limiting as multiple people need to work separately on the application.


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Isn't it just a matter of creating a global user with system/domain administrator privileges?

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