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Serv-U will not create database tables

I have had Serv-U with a database connection running on a server for years, but it is time to move things to a new environment.

Installed Serv-U 15.2 on the new server (Windows Server 2019) and setup System DSN to our new 2019 SQL Server on Win 2019. I tested the DSN connection and even verified all through SSMS. However, Serv-U will not create the database tables. I enter all the information into the appropriate boxes and hit save, but nothing works.

Our current install is using v 15.1, so I installed that instead of 15.v and still no joy. I cannot get the program to create the tables. Is this something that is disabled in the free trial? I am trying to get things configured before I move our license over.

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Level 7

I did speak with support about this. Confirmed my ODBC Connection was proper and everything should work, but apparently SQL 2019 is NOT supported at this time. Currently, only SQL 2012 and 2014 are supported. That's definitely a bit disappointing. Will try SQL 2014 (if I can) and report back if it seems to work.

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