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Serv-U logfile, missing some uploaded file's logs

We run Serv-U 9 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

We have used the Serv-U file logs to validate that we have received the expected files from a customer. However we can now see that not all files are logged. Some are just missing from the log even though they have been uploaded. It seems to happen when a lot of files are being uploaded at the same time, so I suspect it's due to the logfile being locked.

I have attached a bit of the log where you can see a file 01637 and 01639 being uploaded, but 01638 is also uploaded but never written to the log.

What can be done to get a valid log that we can trust?

[11] Tue 18Jun13 12:56:27 - (008019) Received file "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01639.000000578.EDI.tmp" successfully (100,14 KB/sec - 4.717 Bytes)

[13] Tue 18Jun13 12:56:27 - (008019) Renamed "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01639.000000578.EDI.tmp" to "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01639.000000578.EDI"

[11] Tue 18Jun13 12:56:29 - (008019) Receiving file "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01637.000000578.EDI.tmp"

[11] Tue 18Jun13 12:56:29 - (008019) Received file "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01637.000000578.EDI.tmp" successfully (211,43 KB/sec - 3.464 Bytes)

[13] Tue 18Jun13 12:56:29 - (008019) Renamed "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01637.000000578.EDI.tmp" to "C:\TNM\FTP\TwoWayPush\TEST_PREPROD\TEST_EDI\ToKMD\EDI2XML\8A_13061800056_{3e099d25-a70b-40c3-ab81-52ce79b3745a}.01637.000000578.EDI"

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If you think that your Serv-U log file might be getting locked (by AV, perhaps?), and you want a very reliable way to keep track of file uploads, I would suggest:

  1. Upgrade to Serv-U MFT Server v14
  2. Set up a File Download event that logs a message into the local Windows Event Log for each and every message.  (Related KB articles: how to set this up, and what to write out.)
  3. Parse your local Windows Event Log for file download information. 

You might also want to use Serv-U Events to write entries to a database, call an external program, or take other actions that might help you avoid the extra step of parsing log files