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Serv-U file Limits

We are using the serv-u file transfer. We request files from outside users using AD creds and sending a link through email... The link is an HTTP file path with 4GB limits.. Is there a way to use this method to request files and exceed the 4GB limits???

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For what I understood when I had  this issue is that this is a browser imposed limit:

here are the limits as google said:

Software Versions Upload LimitHuge ASP Upload 2.3 4GB-1

Internet Explorer 32bitAll versions (3-8)2GB-1
Internet Explorer 64bitv. 82GB-1 (!)
Mozilla FirefoxAll versions2GB-1
Google ChromeAll versions>4GB
ASPAll versions2GB-1
Huge ASP Upload<2.22GB-1



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi, do you mean limit for file upload or download from shared link?

See also Success Center

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Our AD users log into the FTP with their AD creds. Create a "request for files" and share a link allowing "Anonymous login with a shared token(URL Link to location) " But we are limited by file size due to Browsers restrictions.