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Level 7

Serv-U Web Client Pro

Why is it that after all this time, even in version Serv-U is still using Java for Web Client Pro and FTP Voyager? Is there any plan to make these things work in modern browsers? Can't these be redone to use HTML5 or something? Are these functions of Serv-U not considered important to any of their users?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

We are currently evaluating all options how to remove dependency on Java with aim to add the most effective solution to Serv-U roadmap soon and update for Web Client / Web Client Pro is one option. I will give an update on Serv-U THWACK once decided.

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Level 10

I agree. A HTML5 implementation would be so much more compatible. Realistically people can only use Web Client Pro within Internet Explorer but there is also a bug in the latest Java which stops Web Client Pro from working even in IE.

Are you having the same problem? I have raised a ticket and also posted it here..

Web Client Pro broken with with latest Java (Version 8 Update 211)