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Serv-U MFT client for linux (rhel)

Hello Team -

We have setup file server on serv-u mft. we want to poll for files uploaded to MFT server by our business users and access/copy/delete them from linux machine. we have tried sftp and sshpass. Both are working, with password given in the command line. We dont want to store our password on file or expose it in command line. Our goal is to securely connect to mft server and poll for new files and programmatically access/copy/delete them. Has any body did it already or any points to do so would be greatly appreciated.

the sample command we are using is

sshpass -f /tmp/password_file.txt sftp user_id@file-server-ip:/folder/filename targetLocation/



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The options for supplying the password via sshpass are described on the sshpass man page.  It can be supplied via the command line, a file (via file name or file descriptor), or an SSHPASS environment variable.  The man page has a discussion of the security considerations.  Also, the Serv-U Administrator Guide has lots of information about establishing SSH connections.  Download the PDF version and search for "SSH".

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