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Level 8

Serv-U LDAPS or LDAP with TLS?

Does anyone know if Serv-U supports some encryption over its ldap connections?  I put in a ticket but have got no answer.

typo above - not ldat but ldap

typo above - not ldat but ldap

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Level 10

Hi jeffdorr,

Secure LDAP is a feature request of Serv-U:

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Level 10

Hi jeffdorr

Just an idea that you could try

The LDAP Authentication Tab in the users section of your MFT domain appears to be able to specify the LDAP port

I have used the standard port (389), however you could try setting this to some other port as long as your LDAP server is listening on the port and your firewall allows the traffic

Not sure if MFT specifically supports LDAPS\TLS

Suggest that you try on a non prod MFT to see if it works

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