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Level 7

Serv U File Sharing - Receipent's email address validation fails for long TLDs, 5+ characters.

We are currently running Version:

We received a help-desk ticket today that indicated the user could not send a file because the recipients email address is not valid. After testing we found that any domain with TLD 5 or more characters will appear as RED and when moving to the next page a message pops up: "Please correct all errors within this form before moving onto the next page."

Longer TLDs are normal these days and the "group" TLD is definitely in use.


FAIL: test@bad.dragon
GOOD: test@good.lion

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this and if this is resolved in the newest version

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Level 12

I believe I have seen this before on earlier versions.  Two years back i think.  Better log it on support so they can check and confirm