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Level 7

SFTP on Serv-U/CentOS


I'm having some issues setting up users to connect to Serv-U via SFTP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What I've done so far:

  1. Created a Serv-U Domain
  2. Set the following limits...
    1. require secure connection before login: yes
    2. ssh auth type: pubkey only
    3. http strict transport security: yes
  3. Created user for domain
  4. Connected via FTPS successfully for user/domain
  5. Created directory for ssh keys under domain home directory, copy pubkey from user machine to file ''
  6. Go to 'User > Manage Keys > Add Key' and set name and path to ''. Save.

When attempting to login I just get a username/password error/permission denied error. I'm I missing something here? Thanks for any advice!

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Level 12

Are these Native Serv-U users?  or are you using other type of authentication like LDAP or Database Users?

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Level 7

Follow up;

I realized the Serv-U was unable to listen on port 22 with along with SSH, so I changed the SFTP listener in Serv-U to port 2222. This seems to have worked well.

For those who've dealt with this, is this the correct method? Any reason to keep SFTP on 22 and move SSH to 2222 instead?


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