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SFTP not able to start

Good Day

I am not able to start SFTP/SCP server. it says

Cannot start service

You probably don't have enough privileges to perform the operation

Please advise.

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Level 7

shahul​ - Regarding your question that have a few answered but you dont have any update either if it is solve or what, i had the same issue but now solved.

     1. Click your windows logo and in search type services

     2. Another window will appear, please check the picture below.


     3. Then find the software " Solarwind SFTP, double click then chose "AUTOMATIC" instead of Manual then restart the service.

     I hope this simple solution will help many users that will try the Solarwind SFTP software. Have a nice day guys! Cheers

mine still not working after follow this step.

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This is great and all but this is not really a Serv-U issue but rather the default SFTP service for the Orion that is used for Network Configuration Manager.

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Thank you. This works and easy

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This is a standard error message from Windows when't have enough privileges to perform an operation, in this case starting or stopping a system-level service.  To get around it, you can launch your Windows Services control panel "As An Administrator" and/or launch your command line prompt "As An Administrator" and then start the appropriate service from either interface.  


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