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Level 7

Require Email address of the Uplaoder and Downloaded

we are looking for functionality to know who has uploaded the data and who has downloaded the data from Solar winds MFT, As we send bulk email links we have no idea who has downloaded the data and who has uploaded the data. 


Right now we are only receiving the Ip address which doesn't serve the purpose. 


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Level 10

@Ismail22  Is this within the File Sharing functionality or SFTP/FTP? If you are sending anonymous links to different people then the IP Address is the only identifier.

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 this Is within the File Sharing functionality, Even when I send/receive  to a particular email address i get the Ip address. I need to the emi address of the uploader and downloader.


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Ah ok, where are you seeing that information?

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It says the file has been uploaded But doesn't say who has uploaded. If this functionality is build to say who has uploaded and downloaded the data it would be very helpful.


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I'm not sure if the link is unique per email address as a I dont use this functionality, but you could raise it as a feature request or ask support if there is a way to do it.