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Pull file from non-domain windows box using alternate credentials?

In a past life I used a FTP server that could connect to shares on servers that were either not part of the of the domain or joined to another domain.  The FTP server could do this by storing alternate credentials.  The FTP server could monitor the directory and when a file was placed there, it would grab it and FTP it off site.  Can Serv-U do this?  I'm finding i need it again.

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Looks like you might have two requirements:

#1) Access a Windows share using alternate credentials.

Serv-U supports this by combining settings on the Virtual Paths and Directory Access tabs in the right way.  First, you need to have your share defined as a Virtual Path, such as "\\server\share\folder" mapped to "%HOME%/sharefolder".  Then, you need to have Directory Access set on the physical path (e.g., "\\server\share\folder").   Now, to get the alternate credentials, click the "Advanced >>" button on the "Directory Access Rule" dialog, and you'll see this:


#2) Scheduled sends of files from one FTP server to another.

To do this, download our free FTP client, (FTP Voyager), and use the FTP Voyager Scheduler utility to schedule transfers to remote servers via SFTP, FTPS or plain old FTP.

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Level 14

So #1 is exactly what we are looking for.

#2 however is not.  Need to be able to do it all within the FTP server for ease and audit purposes.  Can scheduled pushes  / pulls be done inside serv-u or mft?

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