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Level 8

New Serv-U 15.2 encryption Database documentation

The method for storing the user's password has been updated, but the database developer manual is out of date. What is the new encryption method? Thank you.

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Level 10

@tiagocoelho2 @jmihos 

Have you guys submitted this to Solarwinds support? As I have the same question.


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Level 10

@ivodlouhyare you able to help with this please?

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Database integration guide update is in progress.

New encryption is based on Argon2 key derivation function.

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Level 7

Yes. We need this documentation ASAP. My company will need to spend a significant amount of time to re-build the integration between a frontend UI and the backend database to use the new algorithm. Without the documentation provided in a timely manner, it is likely that we will be using the old software version for the foreseeable future.