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Need help creating SSH key pair for Serv-U 12


I'm new to certificates so go easy please! I'm trying to setup SFTP/SSH on our Serv-U v12 FTP server. We have a digicert wildcard certificate which I used to setup the SSL connection but I'm stuck on setting up the SSH private and public keys. If I try to create a private key from "Server Limits & Settings" > "Encryption Settings" I receive an error: SSL Error: Can't create key file. If I try creating a key pair from a database user I receive the same error...

I'm lost and cannot find anything on the Google or Rhinosoft's website. Please help? I'm not sure if I can use the digicert wildcard cert for this or not.



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In Serv-U v14 (actually a v15 beta), I can reproduce this error by trying to create an SFTP server cert in a folder where SYSTEM doesn't have any write or modify permissions. 


So...I'd make sure that the SYSTEM user (if you're running as a system service) or whatever other user Serv-U might be running as has write/modify permissions to the folder into which you're trying to create your SSH server key.

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Here's a couple of links that will help you genereate a cert that can be used:

Site5 KnowledgeBase » How to generate SSH keys and connect to your account with PuTTY (Windows...

I originally tried using CuteFTP and Voyager FTP to generate the certs but the resulting, password protected certs did not work with Serv-U and both clients so I used Putty and dumped replaced CuteFTP with FlashFXP.

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Product Manager

Hi David,

SFTP does not use SSL certificates – SSL is only used for FTPS and HTTPS.



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