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Macro's don't work, at least some of them

Hi all,

I am creating a event called User welcome message. It is suppose to send an email to a new user with their login name and password.

A lot of things work, but the things I need most, don,t. The are



I know it is working because when i put in something like $OS i see in the welcome email: Windows server 2012

Any ideas ?

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When you are testing out macros/variables in Serv-U for the first time, I always recommending a "rainbow" message that uses ALL available macros so you can which ones are really filled in by each event.  To get a complete list of macros for your rainbow message, go to this KB:

System Variables In Serv-U

...and cut/paste the complete list into a text file, then cut/paste that into your message.  (Optionally, you could clean it up a bit, but I usually don't bother.)

In your case, I'd look at options in Serv-U like "Simple two-way encryption (less secure)" (so that there's a password for events to access) and some of the built-in password recovery options.  Note this note on the official $Password description: "$Password - The password associated with the user account. It is intended only for events. It should NOT be used for welcome messages."

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