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Initial configuration

Hello Forum Members,

I am creating my first ServeU FTP server. I have 2 domains created one domain will handle normal files and the other domain will handle files needing more security. on each domain I have created a SQL database independent of each other and imported  the users accounts for the former FTP servers. I believe the accounts are correct because if I do the same process at the global user lever  the accounts work ( not using a SQL Database here though). I have created the Administrator and Domain administrator Accounts here and they will remain here. when I export the users from global  server users and import them into the domain users I am unable to login with any of the accounts from the database. What am I missing?


ABC_Server (Top Server)

admin123 ( Global user )

CSRManager (Global User )

DataManager Global User )

     FilesDomain1 ( Domain 1 )

     UserB ( Domain 1 User )

     DataDomain1 ( Domain 2 )

     UserB ( Domain 2 User )

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I don't think I entirely follow. Are you trying to copy/paste users like CSRManager into each domain?  Or, are you saying that user imports into the DB breaks authentication for existing users in the DB?

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