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How to Deploy Serv-U Gateway in a Cluster HA


We are trying to configure Serv-U / MFT with 4 servers and HA. Two gateways in the DMZ and two MFT servers in the internal network. We are running into some issues with the configuration and we are wondering if someone can help.

How to Deploy Serv-U Gateway in a Cluster

At this point the only requirement is to implement FTP (21). On the firewall side we have opened port 21 (Inbound) for the gateways and port 1180 (bidirectional) from the gateways to the MFTs.

The screenshot below explains the configuration. We would appreciate If someone can rewiew it and help us out with the configuration.

Thank you.

Serv-U_Configuration v3-page-001.jpg,

Serv-U_Configuration v3-page-002.jpg

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I believe the NAT router (along with the Serv-U column title) is confusing us here.  Since the NAT router is mapping the "public IP" to a "private IP" you need to use that for the Gateway's "Public IP Address" field so the listeners can bind to that IP address.

See attached screenshot for details


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