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File type whitelist

File type whitelist


I am currently testing serveral (s)ftp(s) solutions for my team.
One of the requirements my team has is that customers can only upload one specific type of file.

Now I have found that you can restrict the types of files users can *see*/manipulate when logged in, but that does not cover the load.
A user should be free to use whatever client they choose, and the transfer should fail if it is any other format than what we configured.
Obviously this may be as granular as at the user level.


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I managed to get it to work by setting this on the group.
Then, I set for instance "*.txt" as the filetype and %home% as the directory the group has access to.
Now when I try to upload anything other than a txt file, the upload fails.
Exactly as I'd want it to.

Why this doesn't work on a per-user basis, I don't yet know. But that's allright.