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File Management Path Statement & Use

Good day,

Quick question about the File Management functionality.

Under File Management (Located in the Directories section), I want to create a "deletion" rule, that deletes files under a number of sub-directories after xx days. Can I use the path statement "/ftp/foo/bar/*"? And If I use this path statement, will this delete only the files with in each sub-directory under ~/bar? Or will this delete all the sub-directories with ~/bar?


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Level 8

Thanks for the comments, but I ended up running a test on a trial system and found out the answer to my questions.

Was kinda discouraged by the results, but what I had hopes for can easily be done via a shell or python script. To share my discoveries for anyone who may enquirer in the near future, while keeping in mind that they could expand on the File Management capabilities from the time of this posting.

- The "Directory Path" can't use any wildcards, so you would have to create a rule per directory you want File Management to act upon.

- Any sub-directories or files within those sub-directories under the rule's "Directory Path", will not be deleted/moved. (As Beatrix stated above)

In the future, it would be nice for the Solarwind's Serv-U team to expand on File Management, to allow the use of wildcards in directory paths, along with more granular controls to specify depth, files, directories and so on.

So it would appear that the automated file management server rules cannot clean any sub directories if you set the rule to the root?

you need a rule per directory?

If this is the case better served by a batch or powershell script on a schedule then

Setup a Automated File mangement rule for the MFT Domain home folder with 7 day execute

set up a domain activity log. to save to my server and rotate every day

Reviewed the log after the file management rule ran

the rule deleted the files form the Domain root and all sub folders, sub folder structure still present and newer files still exit

This meets my requirements.

The folder structure should not be affected by the file deletion rule, only the files.

Please see here for more details:

Level 12

I'm not sure.

Are you able to test the functionality?  It shouldn't be too difficult to set up a directory structure like that.

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