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Level 7

FTP Serv-U Voyager Speed Results Reading

When trying to read the resulting speed of the file transfer, I see two things in the Voyager statistics panel. Effective Speed and Actual Speed. What is the difference ?


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Level 7

Thank you for that explanation, but can you also explain the difference between the 18.6 kb actual speed vs the 41.7 kb effective speed under the highlighted region.

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Remember you're looking at the transfer from two different points of view:

1) The messages from the SERVER start with 3-digit codes, so the server thinks that the transfer happened really fast.

2) The messages in blue are the CLIENT's perspective, so the client think that things took longer than the server did.

You'll see a lot of discrepancies like this with very small files (yours was 641 bytes) because the overhead of setting up the transfer takes more time than the actual transfer.  With larger transfers these numbers will be much closer. 

"Are you a Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) yet?"

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