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** This was implemented in Serv-U"

We are using Serv-u and use LDAP for authentication. Now with the new file sharing option when users goes to send files they have to enter their email twice because the field isn't populated via the email field found in LDAP even if it's configured under the LDAP Server, same thing for the name which is equal to the login name instead of the full name.

So autopopulation of EMAIL and NAME field for the file sharing when using LDAP authentication is a must I think and all the information is there so I'm sure it's not a big deal.


I have to strongly endorse this one - my users logon using their AD accounts, but the server puts their email address into their Username box and leaves the two email boxes empty. This usually prompts my CIO to understandably ask "What were they thinking?!", and all I can say is "Active Directory domains are pretty rare so they must not have tested that scenario". Please fix!

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Triple work-- having to remove the email address pre-populated into the Name field, then having to key in the email address twice.  We've gotten as many complaints about this, as we have with not being able to change the default email subject line.

+1 I just posted about this in the forums hoping there was a solution...sounds like there isn't for now 😞

Having to enter your email address when the information is sitting right in AD is a big waste of time.  People can mis-key, enter another person's email address without restriction.....not great security for email.


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Not sure if you have all found a resolution to this as yet - but I have had no issue with this (once I got through the slightly esoteric way the LDAP groups had to be configured at multiple levels to mimic the AD structure through to the user groups I wanted).  Following is a screen shot of a test user account logged in to file sharing on our system (from the "send a file" screen).  Name & email fields populate automatically with the correct info:

User email info.bmp

If your system is not populating the e-mail address field, best guess is this would tend to indicate the LDAP server attribute mapping (Users --> LDAP Authentication --> LDAP Servers & edit your host server) is not quite correct.  For our system the Email Address attribute being set to "mail" (case sensitive, I believe) works.

If using AD for your LDAP source, csvde or a util like "AD Info" will tell you if this field is populated for a group of users (or if looking for just one user, ADUC user properties, email address in the General tab).

List of attribute fields (in case anyone finds this useful - but all as I found documented):

Base DN:     Whatever for your domain

Search Filter:     (&(objectclass=user)(userPrincipalName=$LoginID))

Home Directory:     Didn't use this - server has local folders

Full Name:     name

Email Address:     mail

Login ID:     userPrincipalName

Group Membership:     memberOf

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So i see where you are using LDAP.  How can you solve this if you are just using Windows Authentication?

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Serv-U 15.1.0 contains some improvements in this area.

  • LDAP users should still auto-populate the full name and email address according to the values coming from the LDAP server.  If they're not, then the attribute mappings may not be correctly configured. 
  • AD users should now see their full name and email address get auto-populated in these fields as the values are now being retrieved from the AD server.
  • The File Sharing Wizards no longer ask you to enter in your email address twice.  In fact, this field is now optional (although it's required if you want Serv-U to send the invitation itself).
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