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Enhance LDAP definitions to better support multiple LDAP servers

Enhance LDAP definitions to better support multiple LDAP servers

First the field of information to append to a login attempt needs to be moved to the individual LDAP server definition, since that could be different for each ldap tree.

Second, the LDAP authentication portion needs to be made generic to support LDAP servers other than ActiveDirectory.

Next, Add the capability to have a master ldap account for each server that can verify accounts that use SSH shared keys instead of passwords, so that ALL users can be defined in the LDAP trees and not in the local Serv-U domains or global areas.

Features mentioned by others that need to be added:

Allow Secure LDAP so that the authentication requests are not transmited in the clear.

Allow multiple SSH shared keys per account.

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bshopp Product Manager
Product Manager

Serv-U Product Manager here.  There are multiple feature requests within this single item and some of them have been addressed, while there are still other items open, so I cannot mark this as implemented fully yet.

What has been implemented so far is the following:

  • Authentication is done in a more generic manner so it’s compatible with more than just AD (and UPN style logins).
  • A connection account is specified for each server
  • Multiple SSH keys per account
li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting