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Duplicate Windows Group Configuration (OU) To another Serv-U - (Clustering)

Hi Guys,

I have a question considering cluster configuration. We have two servers with Serv-U installed on each behind a LoadBalancer. Everything works fine ! I have understood how really works Windows authentification (OU) to be able to keep NTFS Permissions and everything works perfectly but. I have configured one server (the configuration is pretty long because of our infrastructure is pretty complex)

So my question is : Is there a way to be able to duplicate Serv-U Windows Group Configuration to the other server or should I configure manually the second server like the first one?

Thanks Guys !

Best Regards,

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I managed to set up a Windows cluster behind a load balancer succesfully

After installing the Application and performing the initial config.

I followed the steps from the Backup and migration procedure from the first node to the second node as per:

Copy these files from the first node that you set up:

  • Serv-U.Archive file
  • Users folder
  • Serv-UID.txt file

Stop Serv-u service on the second node

Restore file to your Serv-u installation directory on the seccond node

restart Serv-U on the second node

This will enable the exact same settings as your first node

Hope this helps you