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Level 10

Doubts Serv-u

1. There are some system variables not documented in or in the product manual. Ex: $FileShareTokenURL, $FileShareExpires and $FileShareComments. We need the variables that contain the Subject and Comments fields of the email sent by FileShare, email is the image below:


2. We would like to translate the message that is sent when a file is sent to the user via File Sharing. The system sends the following message, but did not find option to translate.


3. Another screen that would like to translate. Where the translation can be done???



4. Theres any way to run the service under a different account of the System account and has not administration permission. If possible, what privileges are needed?

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Level 8

I would just like to say that a full list of File Sharing variables would be nice. Not just the ones requested by Tainã

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I found a KB with some additional variables on the solarwinds site: System variables

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