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Level 7

Does Serv-U support HTTP Basic Authentication?

I run scheduled scripts from a Linux box that need to upload files to our Serv-U instance using a command line tool like wget or curl. Before Serv-U, I would configure our Apache web server to enable HTTP Basic Authentication with a username and password and then I would use those in my script to upload or download files from Apache. I'm trying to achieve the same results with Serv-U.

Does Serv-U support HTTP Basic Authentication? If so, how do I turn this feature on?


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Level 10

Hi Dany, I think I understand the requirement. Serv-U does not support directly linking to files through HTTP or HTTPS, nor does it provide HTTP Basic Authentication access to the interface. All authentication is processed directly through Serv-U rather than it being like a web server serving files from a file structure accessible by URL.

Hope that makes sense!