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Level 7

Clients are intermittently receiving "The file share you attempted to access was not found" when clicking on the link shared with them.

We run Serv-U in a high availability cluster with Serv-U Gateways.  Intermittently, when an end user shares a file and sends the link to a recipient, the recipient receives an error stating "The file share you attempted to access was not found."  This is a bug I identified in Serv-U 15.1.6.  I opened a Support Case, was told the bug was confirmed, and the case was closed with a status of "Archived - Bug Jury".

How can I determine if either of the Hot Fixes released two and three months ago addressed this bug?

My last communication with Technical Support provided this comment:

"Our development group has investigated this issue and have identified the bug. We’ve added this bug to our list of known defects and will prioritize it according to the severity and scope of impact. Be sure to review the Release Notes where bug fixes are documented within the Fixed Issues section. Although this support case will be archived, we will continue to track this issue internally through our engineering processes."

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Level 15

When did you report the bug? Has any hotfixes been issued since then? If so, as indicated by the message from support, you can refer to the Serv-U Release Notes with the latest being 15.1.6. You can scroll to the very bottom for links to older release notes.

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I reported the bug almost nine months ago. The hotfixes did not address the issue.

Thank you for the response.

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