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Level 7

Cannot access scheduler console

     I recently began having issues trying to bring up the management console.  I right click on the tray icon and open start management console and nothing happens.  I have tried rebooting, repair installation, nothing helps.  I noticed the tray icon is orange but not sure what that means.  Anyone else ever had that issue?  Version


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Level 10

Yes, I have seen this. Usually the way around it is to right click the tray icon and select 'Use system browser', try that either on or off and see if it fixes the issue?

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No luck.  I would try uninstalling and reinstalling but I do not want to lose my current configs and do not know where I can grab them to save off.

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Program Data\RhinoSoft\Serv-U

You could also try closing the tray icon altogeather by right clicking and chosing 'Exit'. Once you have done that, try launching Serv-U using the main desktop icon.

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