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Community Manager

Phoenix 2020 SWUG Discussion Board

Welcome to the Phoenix 2020 SolarWinds User Group (SWUG) discussion board!  This is a great way to interface with us and other attendees as we ramp up for the event on February 5-6, 2020.

What's the purpose of this discussion board?  Well, it's a place to ask those questions you have about the first SWUG of 2020.

I'll start by answering a few common questions:

My short answers above can in no way cover all of your possible questions, right?  That's precisely why we've setup this discussion board.  Ask us anything - we'll be happy to provide answers.

If you got a notification on Monday, February 3 about the SWUG being "tomorrow," don't panic! (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Sorry, but we got so excited about the first SWUG of 2020 that the message went out a day early.  Breakfast and registration is opening at 7:30 AM local time on Wednesday, February 5 as regularly planned.

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"Shoot for the stars to reach the moon"
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