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Expose servers and Services availability to the web!


I'm looking for a solution in a way to expose services availability of my organization, to the world.

It should be gauges or colored buttons to show each service status.

Users should be able to view various servers' and services' statuses, but not more then that. Means, drill-down to node's details is avoided!

Attached here some examples of sites that do that (By adding some "Widget" to their pages):

And so on...

Can it be done directly by SW, or maybe by some 3rd party tool ?

TIA for any assistance,

Itzik S.

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You can actually expose any resource in the Orion platform by using the url and just putting it up on a webserver or sharepoint server.  I did this a lot with sharepoint.  I setup an account that's read only for the queries.  You can pass the password and username with the url.

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Honestly the best way I can imagine for this would be to stand up a web server in a DMZ and just have that web server present a simple page that pulls it's data from your internal Orion server's API.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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But how exactly do that?

How to represent a service availability?

How to combine services (Like page availability) and servers availability?

How to manages its colors?

BTW, Is AppStack could be a possible solution as a front end to visualize whole Enterprise status?

Can it be customized to display only to users?

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As far as how to represent the overall availability of a service or multiple services and servers, just use groups.  You can combine any number of different types of objects together into them and and get an overall status to display.

As far as how to represent the colors and such, I would be doing that entirely in the custom html/javascript page I suggested. This is a good example of how to use the API to pull any information you want from Orion and then display it in a JS element.  Using Your Custom HTML Resource To Properly Display SWQL Query Results 

In this example he is using it on a page hosted in the Orion web console, but there is no reason you couldn't just embed that script into a completely separate website as long as it can reach the Orion API to query.  That's why I recommended setting up a completely separate website sitting inside a DMZ with only the necessary level of access to the Orion info service to display what you are looking for.  You would have 100 % control over what information is presented to the viewers of the website and how that data looks.

I am extremely reluctant to expose the Orion web interface itself to the public internet because it will leak a TON of information about your environment. No matter how much you try to restrict the permissions in the web console it was clearly designed with the assumption that the people looking at it are trusted users and things like the tool tips exposing all the server names and IP's and what software you monitor on them and what network infrastructure models and code versions you run would risk making it trivially easy for an outside party to work their way through your environment if you were targeted for anything unsavory.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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