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SolarWinds Service Desk: Live View of New Incidents

Level 10

Currently, if you are spending much of your time working incidents via the Incidents Index page, you can sometimes miss new incidents that require your attention unless you reload your browser by hitting the refresh button or by using a browser plug-in.

Now, SolarWinds Service Desk is excited to announce the ability to get a live view of new incidents with real-time indications on the latest incidents. This capability provides better visibility into incidents, as the new capability notifies you about new incidents. 

This allows you to view brand-new incidents when you are on the Incidents Index page and helps you prioritize the most urgent issues, since you are now aware of all new and existing incidents relevant to your role.

How It Works:

  • When on the Incidents Index page, users will be notified about newly created incidents 
  • The number of newly created incidents will be updated in real time
  • Users can click on the indication, which will show the new incidents on the Index page
  • New incidents are in the context of the relevant filter the user is viewing


Please note that we have designed these capabilities in a way to minimize noise and simplify the process to identify and work on new incidents. Continuously updating the Incidents Index page could make it more difficult for your agents to work since spotting newly created incidents on a constantly changing page can be challenging. However, should you like to disable this new capability, you can simply go to Setup/Service Desk/Service Desk and turn the “Live view of new incidents” capability off.