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SolarWinds Service Desk: Incident Page Enhancements

Level 10

As part of our ongoing investment in the agent’s user experience and productivity, we keep looking for ways to provide you with more access and visibility to the information you need most - at any given time. Today, we are glad to announce the following enhancements to the Incident Page. 

Floating popups

We have enhanced the Incident Page popups for resolving an incident and updating a category/subcategory. From now on, these popups will float on top of the page, enabling you to drag them around while looking for relevant information, editing or copying texts:


Resolve popup.gifFigure 1: Floating popup - resolving an incident




Figure 2: Floating popup - editing categories

Compact/Full incident description display modes 

Sometimes, description fields may include a lot of information entered by requesters or fellow agents. By default, you see the compact description display mode, with the “View More” option. If you would like to see the full description text when you open an incident, simply go to My Account/Settings, “Display Mode” section and select the “Full Display” option at the drop-down menu:


Figure 3: Incident description display mode settings


As we continue to improve SolarWinds Service Desk, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about these enhancements!