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SolarWinds Discovery and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integration

Level 11

We are excited to announce that SolarWinds Discovery now integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS)! This new integration gives you visibility into your cloud infrastructure by allowing you to incorporate asset information from AWS into SolarWinds Service Desk. When combined with asset data from other discovery sources, you can gain visibility into all IT assets across your organization, regardless of where they reside. 

What’s New?

The new integration between SolarWinds Discovery and AWS allows you to import detailed cloud asset data from AWS into SolarWinds Service Desk. This integration will import information on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances into SolarWinds Service Desk.

These capabilities provide a comprehensive picture of your IT assets across both cloud and on-premises environments since you can consolidate asset information from AWS and other data sources in SolarWinds Service Desk. This gives you a single source of truth for your infrastructure, which helps you understand what IT assets you have. 

Knowing what assets you have helps control spending, as you could be overspending on your IT infrastructure. It also gives you insights into risks in your environment, which you can identify and mitigate before they impact your organization. Getting visibility into your IT assets can also help you improve key IT service management processes because you can use this data to populate your Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Once assets become configuration items (CIs), you can get a better understanding of the different components in your infrastructure and how they work together to support IT service delivery. 

Finally, asset data helps you support triage and root cause analysis since you can attach CIs from cloud and on-premises environments to incidents and problems in your service desk. You can better understand the root causes of issues while accelerating incident and problem resolution by giving other IT teams visibility into these underlying causes. 

Setting It Up

To set up the Discovery and AWS integration

1. Navigate to the Setup Menu → Discovery → Connections. Click on ‘+’ and select ‘AWS Cloud Discovery’.   


2. Select the Discovery Scanner that will establish a connection with AWS and add details about the AWS region and user (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key).


3. Test the AWS connection, run the Scanner, and check the Last Scan Report.


Important Notes:

  • This integration currently supports EC2 instances
  • A running instance of the Discovery Scanner is also required
  • You must create a new user in the AWS IAM Console ( in order to connect to AWS
    • We recommend that the user has read permissions only  (AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess)
    • You must setup the Access Key ID