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Email Notification Within a Workflow

Level 11

SolarWinds Service Desk now provides the ability to send on-demand email notifications within a  service request workflow. This functionality allows you to easily notify requesters, approvers, the help desk/support team, and other stakeholders as a service workflow executes.  

  • You can build more custom workflows that meet the needs of your organization, increase automation of business processes, and streamline your workflows.  
  • For instance, you can notify your employees if a service request is denied due to financial or security considerations. 

These workflow notifications can be sent either through an ad-hoc email or a generic email template.  

  • Ad-hoc email notifications are sent once while generic email templates can be reused in the future.  
  • Both of these email notification types can reference variables within them.  

    Send Notification Ad-Hoc Email.gif

You can create a generic email template via Service Desk -->  Email Customization --> Custom Email Templates. 

Send Notification Creating a Generic Email Template (Customer Friendly).gif

Once a generic email template is created, it can easily be added to the Send Notification Workflow. 

Send Notification Using a Generic Email Template (Customer Friendly) copy.gif