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CMDB Updates: Orion Dependency Mapping and Asset Filters by Scan Origin

Level 11

SolarWinds Service Desk has two updates to configuration management functionality.

1. Discovery and Orion Dependency Mapping Integration

We are excited to announce that SolarWinds Discovery and Orion integration, which incorporated asset information from the Orion Platform into SolarWinds Service Desk, has been enhanced to provide dependency information! This integration now automatically detects, maps, and imports dependency information from the Orion Platform into SolarWinds Service Desk.   

This new integration helps you consolidate and gain visibility into asset and dependency information from the Orion Platform in SolarWinds Service Desk, a single repository that gives you comprehensive visibility into asset, configuration, and dependency information.  

By incorporating Orion asset and dependency information into your service desk, you can better align your Orion environment with IT service management practices while automatically populating your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with asset data and relationships between IT infrastructure. This allows you to streamline your change management processes while improving impact and risk analysis with greater visibility into Orion dependencies. It also enables you to diagnose and resolve Orion infrastructure issues by attaching Orion configuration and dependency data to incidents and problems. 

This functionality is available in the SolarWinds Service Desk Enterprise plan and it currently supports dependency information from SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). For more information on Orion Dependency Mapping, please see our technical documentation or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 


2. Filter Assets By Scan Origin

To give you better visibility into your assets, we have enhanced our asset management capabilities to allow you to filter assets by their discovery data sources. This functionality makes it easier to understand where your assets are coming from since you can easily filter assets based on their ‘Scan Origin’, which includes sources such as Orion, SCCM, AWS, and more.