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Convert an Incident into a Service Request

Convert an Incident into a Service Request

I'm sure that this was asked for in the Samanage community, but we constantly have users submitting incidents when they really needed to submit a service request.  Yes, we can submit it on their behalf.  Yes, we can have them do it themselves.  But it would be really nice if an agent could convert the incident to a service request, kicking off the process workflow once the conversion was complete. Keeping comments would be nice as well.

This would also allow use cases when an incident is filed because the user thinks something is broken, and turns out they just didn't have permissions, or didn't know what they needed.  When further comments reveal that this is actually a service request, we could convert the incident.

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Level 13

Totally agree. It is typicall situation when user submit ticket wrongly because of misunderstanding/misclassification aso. So it would be very useful to have an easy option to convert submission of that kind of ticket.